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German GINGERBREAD Incense Cones Raeucherkerzen

German GINGERBREAD Incense Cones Raeucherkerzen
Product Code: KNOX-13250
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$ 3.95

German Incense
by KNOX Germany!

24 to a box.

and the perfect size for regular sized smokermen, Raeuchermann, Smokerman, Smokermen, Incense House, Deutschland, Raeuchermaenner.

KNOX � authentic incense cones from the Ore Mountains.
Family tradition has it that these little scent wonders have been produced since 1865.

................................................. Historie
KNOX - Echte R�ucherkerzen aus dem Erzgebirge.
Seit 1865 werden in Familien-Tradition bis heute die kleinen Duftwunder hergestellt.

Take the wonderful scent of the original incense cones from the Ore Mountains home with you.
In our shop, you can choose between classic & herb, Christmas scents, exotic and many more.

..................................................... Holen Sie sich den angenehmen Duft original erzgebirgischer R�ucherkerzen nach Hause.
In unserem Shop haben Sie die Auswahl - klassisch & herb, weihnachtliche Gew�rze, exotisch uvm.

KNOX � the authentic ones More than 135 years ago, chemist Hermann Zwetz founded what has become today's oldest factory for smoking agents in Germany arguably in Europe.

Driven by the dream of manufacturing incense in an industrial process not only for the chemistry, but also in larger volumes, he founded a "chemical-technical laboratory" after a few years of occupational experience in Auma (Thuringia) and Z�rbig (Saxony-Anhalt), in the little town of M�schlitz near Schleiz together with the chemist Vorl�nder.

Model of a laboratory around 1870 A 'gunpowder' mill, which was no longer required at that time for the production of gunpowder, since dynamite was invented at the time, did the trick for two entrepreneurs.

As such, they started manufacturing incense here for the time being and experimented with antimony preparations and smoking agents, incense, smoking powder, incense paper, among other things with frankincense or sandalwood, which was used to a great extent as an active ingredient for the treatment of whooping cough and asthma, but also just for improving the quality of the air and reducing the intensity of odours, which grew due to the growing industrialisation.

Particularly in the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains), where the miner's were subjected to the rough weather conditions above and below ground, there were many illnesses of the airways above all for children.
As such, a father probably carved a smoking figure for his sick child to speed the healing process, the "R�uchermann" (Incense Smoker).

Geruch........smell, odor, scent, aroma, fragrance, stench

Duft..........fragrance, scent, smell, perfume, aroma, odor

Wohlgeruch....fragrance, odor, pleasant smell, fragrancy

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