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Schultuete - Candy Cones

German Schultuete

Welcome your new student into the new school year by giving them with a traditional schultuete (pronounced shool-too-tuh).  

This 200-year-old tradition started in Germany; the schultuete is a cone-shaped package filled with school supplies and treats. The "Schultuete" custom started as far back as 1810, to Thuringia and Saxony in Germany. 

The first report of the cone-shaped Schultuete comes from Jena a city in Germany in 1817, other towns that did this were Dresden (1820) and Leipzig (1836). 

It is now a custom all over Germany.

The story told to the school children is as follows, there is a Schultütenbaum growing - it is growing at your school.  
The Schultuete is full of fruits.  If those fruits are ripe and if they are big enough to pick, then it is time for you to start school.  

Typically given to German first-grade students on their first day of school this wonderful tradition can be adapted to any age.

The Schultuete we sell come to you "empty" ready for you to fill up with your child's favorite school supplies, candies, and even money to encourage and inspire them.

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NEW - Schultuete Police with Sound
NEW $48 This special school cone has sound effects - at the press of a button hear the sirens ..
NEW - Schultuete Fire Engine
$36 "Fire Engine" "Fire Truck" "Feuerwehrwagen" Schultute Schultuete Schultüte German S..
Schultuete Kittens in Basket - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
$36 "Kittens in Basket" "Stubentiger" Schultute Schultuete Schultüte German SCHULTUTE / ..
NEW - Schultuete Wild Horses
$36 "Wild Horses" "Wildpferde" Schultute Schultuete Schultüte German SCHULTUTE / SCHULTU..
Schultute - Piraten Pirates
$36 "Piraten" "Pirates" Schultute Schultuete Schultüte German SCHULTUTE / SCHULTUETE / S..
NEW - Schultuete Fast Cars
$36 "Fast Cars Schultute Schultuete Schultüte German SCHULTUTE / SCHULTUETE / SCHULTÜTE S..
NEW - Schultuete Puppies
$36 Puppies Schultute Schultuete Schultüte German SCHULTUTE / SCHULTUETE / SCHULTÜTE Scho..
NEW - Schultuete Trucks
$36 Trucks Schultute Schultuete Schultüte German SCHULTUTE / SCHULTUETE / SCHULTÜTE Schoo..
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