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Schwibbogen (German Candle Arhes)
The German Schwibbogen (candle arch) derives its name from a type of arch constructed in Gothic times when an arch between two walls was called “Schwebebogen”, or “floating arch”. The talented artisans of the Erzgebirge region of Germany have been making these delightful candle arches for more than 250 years. Now, of course, in addition to the candle arches that use actual candles, there is also a nice selection of electrical candle arches. When you see a candle arch lighted in the evening, you will begin to appreciate the fine craftsmanship and the wonder of these masterpieces. All our candle arches are stamped by the maker and are authentic Ergebirge products. Whether painted or natural, they are all gorgeous. A word to the wise: Don’t be fooled by the mass produced copies one often sees in chain stores throughout the country.....only true Erzgebirge products are sold here and are worthy of the word “heirloom” when you consider these pieces as precious gifts or the start of a family tradition. Enjoy!
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Ratags Schwibbogen - 3D Candle Arch "Deer in the Clearing" (Small) - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
$412 In the middle of a picturesque forest in the mountains, 4 deer are grazing at a manger. ..
Ratags Schwibbogen - Cellar Bar - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
$364 Size 43 x 30 cm/ 17 x 12 inch (WxH) 3D Light arch with indirect illumination - cellar ..
Ratags Schwibbogen - Winter in the Village - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
$ 362 Size 43 x 30 cm/ 17 x 12 inch (WxH) 3D Light arch with indirect illumination directly fr..
Schwibbogen - Mail Carriage
$364   The sawn-out Schwibbogen boards come with the elevator from our workshop and are f..
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - Ratags Schwibbogen - Christmas Market
 $414 Size  43 x 30 cm/ 17 x 12 inch (WxH) This 3D light arch bow also is with indir..
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK -- RATAGS Schwibbogen 3D Candle Arch, "Bakery" (Small)
3 figures bring life to the bakery. Lovingly equipped with hats and green aprons, they work dil..
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK Ratags Schwibbogen - Winter Scene
$ Size: 72 cm W x 43 cm H 28" W x 17" H Winter has arrived in this Erzgebirge 3D Sc..
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK Ratags Schwibbogen - Workshop
  Size: 72 cm W x 43 cm H 28" W x 17" H This delightful Schwibbogen, or Candle..
$ size ca. 38 x 72 cm/ 15 x 28 inch (WxH) The light Christmas Tree displays the story of Chris..
Winterkinder- Schwibbogen - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
$320 HEIGHT: 11 3/4" WIDTH: 16"DEPTH: 2" Traditional German design; natural wood - Schwibbo..
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