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Christian Ulbricht


Christian Ulbricht hand-made wooden Nutcrackers, Smokermen and Ornaments

Please browse our collection of Christian Ulbricht hand-made wooden Nutcrackers, Smokermen and Ornaments.

The Christian Ulbricht company started in 1928,  by the father Otto Ulbricht‘s.  He started in his workshop making fine wooden crafts and toys. They lived in the Ore Mountains in a small village called Seiffen.  Otto's success was built on a remarkable inventiveness and his entrepreneurial skills.  At the World Exhibition in Paris, Otto Ulbricht was awarded a gold medal - they wanted to honor him for is work on children's bedroom clock designs.

Where the Ulbricht family grew up was called the Ore Mountains given that name because of rich silver deposits. This silver ore provided income for generations of miners. Like all mining towns the ore does start to dwindle and so does the villages and making a living there required the families to find new sources of income. Many of them became wood-turners, wood-carvers and they developed entrepreneur skills.
Christian Ulbriht home village

After World War II the Ulbricht family were forced to flee to West Germany like so many families.  They settled in the village of Lauingen just off the Danube River located in Bavaria.  There Mr. Ulbricht re-opened his company, and this company was passed down to his son Christian Ulbricht in 1968.  Germany reunited in 1990, and Christian Ulbricht bought the "Christian Ulbricht" company back to their father's hometown called Seiffen.

A genuine beauty of the Ulbricht Christmas line comes from the diligence and passion the family brings to each Christmas line. From Nutcrackers, Incense Smokers (Smokerman), Christmas Ornaments and even their Easter line of wooden items.  Their wooden art is a tradition that brings joy to children and adults alike.

In our world of technology, plastic, and buttons, - real wood craftsmanship has become rare.  Each piece made by Christian Ulbricht is unique and precious. Every creation made by the Christian Ulbricht company is polished by experienced hands to infuse it with their unmatched love of detail.

Christian Ulbricht Nutcrackers
Wilhelm Schweizer Christmas Standing Ornaments
Christian Ulbricht Smokermen
Wilhelm Schweizer Christmas Standing Ornaments
Christian Ulbricht Ornaments
Christian Ulbricht Christmas


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