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Ebbelwein Glass 6 Pack of Wine Glasses 0.5

Ebbelwein Glass 6 Pack of Wine Glasses 0.5
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"Ebbelwein Glass""Apfelwein Glas"
"Apfelwein, Äppler, Stöffche & Co"

0.5 of Liter glass.Mark. Rastal Germany.

Since it is usually a bit cloudy, Apfelwein is often served in a "Geripptes", a glass with a lozenge cut that refracts light.

The size of the Geripptes glass is usually 0.25 litre although there is a larger variant that holds 0.3 litre, as well as a glass that holds the doubled amount of 0.5 litres.Delivered by major pressing-houses in 1-litre bottles,it is considered crude and unrefined to drink Apfelwein directly from the serving vessel, whether it be a bottle or a pitcher (Bembel).Traditional Apfelwein restaurants and their habitual guests generally hold to the 0.3-litre standard.Therefore a 0.25l glass is often named a Beschisserglas (rip-off glass) as it contains less Apfelwein for the same price.

The serving of Apfelwein in other kinds of glasses (for example, longdrink glasses) is rare. A "Geripptes" filled with Apfelwein is also called a "Schoppen". The serration of the Apfelwein glasses is common not only for the pleasing refraction of incident light but also because in former times one often ate without cutlery—and smooth glasses slide from greasy hands rather more easily than serrated ones.Apfelwein is also available in the Bembel (a specific Apfelwein jug) and is ordered in this form when one is significantly thirsty or with company. The paunchy jar (made from salt-glazed stoneware) usually has a basic grey colour with blue detailing.The different sizes are usually designated after their contents in glasses (for example 4er (vierer) or 8er (achter) Bembel, the small 0.25 litres or the 0.3 litres of glasses are taken as a basis depending upon place of use. Accordingly, a 4er Bembel can contain 1 litre, or 1.2 litres of Apfelwein). In the Eifel region, near Hunsrück, around Moseltal, along the lower Saar and in Trier, the drinking container is called "Viezporz" and consists of white porcelain or stoneware.Hot Apfelwein is commonly taken as an old household remedy against colds, or as a warming beverage in the cold season.

The Apfelwein is heated (not boiled!) and served with a cinnamon stick, possibly with cloves and/or a slice of lemon.Apfelwein (German, apple wine) is a German variant ofcider made out of apples.It is also regionally known as Ebbelwoi, Äppler, Stöffsche, Apfelmost (apple must),the second or substitute wine), and Saurer Most (sour must). It has an alcohol content of 5.5%–7% and a tart, sour taste. The name Äppler, mainly propagated by large producers, is generally not used in restaurants or by smaller manufacturers who instead call the beverage Schoppen or Schoppe which refers to the measure of the glass.ÄpfelweinÄppler Appelwein Ebbelwei Ebbelwein Ebbelwoi Schoppe Stöffche 

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