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Linda Tripp Memoir


Linda's Tripp's account of her years in the White House working for Bill Clinton, 

Linda was married to Dieter and helped open this store over 19 years ago.

Linda Tripps Book a basket of deplorables

A compelling insider’s look at a political marriage that tore apart the nation and almost destroyed a presidency—from the woman who saw it all happen.

In this brilliantly written behind-the-scenes account, Linda Tripp along with her co-author, Dennis Carstens, shares her side of the Clinton White House sex scandals for the first time—detailing the behavior of two very flawed people who fooled a nation: Bill Clinton, a sexual predator, and his wife, Hillary, who was his primary enabler.

In this exposé, Tripp outlines what the public was not allowed to see: the lengths Clintons’ protectors would go to lie, deceive, and coverup for them; some of the many women Bill Clinton used his position, privilege, and power as president to sexually abuse; how the former president got away with it thanks to his morally bankrupt, unscrupulous wife and cabal of protectors; and finally, the role party politics played when he was called to task and was almost the first president to be removed from office for perjury and corruption.


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A Basket of Deplorables: What I Saw Inside the Clinton White House Hardcover
$30 In this brilliantly written behind-the-scenes account, Linda Tripp along with her co-author,&..
Linda Tripp's Limited Edition Second in a Series of Historical White House Ornaments
$84 Ah, a Presidential Christmas! Christmas in the Lincoln White House. This ornament, desi..
Mouth Blown Glass Ornament 'Dieter H. Rausch's Ltd. Edition Ornament'
Dieter H. Rausch's German Limited Edition Glass Ornament. As a little boy in Germany, Dieter had ..
Mouth Blown Glass Ornament Dieter H. Rausch's Ltd. Edition Ornament
$48   Dieter H. Rausch's German Ltd.Edition Glass Ornament. Hand painted Nostalgic Chr..
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