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Christian Ulbricht Smokers

Christian Ulbricht Smokermen


If you are not familiar with the exquisite collection of Christian Ulbricht smokers and nutcrackers, you are truly in for a pleasant surprise. Somewhat less known in the United States than other German woodworking companies, (but enormously beloved in Germany) Christian Ulbricht is a family company in Germany that has been in existence for over 80 years. All Ulbricht ancestors were miners in the Erzgebrige (Ore Mountains) of Germany. The area was rich with large deposits of silver, but when the mines dwindled, the miners needed to come up with a new source of income. In 1928 Christian Ulbricht father, Otto, established the family company in Seiffen in the Erzgebirge. With the onset of WWII, he fled to the west and set up the family business in Lauinger on the Danube which has been run by his son, Christian Ubricht since 1968 and continues to this day. After the reunification of Germany, Christian Ulbricht was able to buy back his family's company in Seiffen. Treat yourself to an exquisitely created (by hand!) Christian Ulbricht smoker, nutcracker or pyramid and start a family tradition with these beautifully made heirlooms of the future! 

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Christian Ulbricht Owl - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
$120 Size: 7.1" tall An impressive owl, fans of animal themed smokers are sure to love this o..
$148.00 Size: 8.7" tall A spectular addition to the Christian Ulbricht line of smokers he..
NEW - Christian Ulbricht Snowman Drummer
NEW $132 Size: 9.25" tall Limited Edition of 2,000!  This darling snowman is just ..
Snowman with Bass Christian Ulbricht
$148 Size: 9.1" tall NEW FOR 2015 Limited Edition of 2,000 Pieces Christian Ulbricht ha..
Christian Ulbricht Snowman with Mug
$148 Size: 8.5" tall This darling snowman smoker makes a great addition to your holiday decor..
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - Snowman with Coffeepot Natural' Christian Ulbricht
$148 Size: 8.5" tall Small scale but perfect. A lot of care and love goes in to making good ..
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK Elk Santa Clause' Christian Ulbricht
$98.00 Size: 8" tall 20.5 cm tall The Christmas Elk! Light him with our Christmas Incense..
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - Christian Ulbricht Red Santa
Isn't he just darling? The perfect small gift for the person who has everything. Bet he or she does ..
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - Christian Ulbricht Santa Claus on Chimney
This colorful Santa is on his way down the chimney, laden with toys for good little girls and boys. ..
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK <BR><BR> Christian Ulbricht 'Santa with Advent Wreath'
This Christian Ulbricht Santa Smoker is just laden with holiday goodies! With his traditional German..
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - Christian Ulbricht Santa with Arch
This whimsical Santa with his German candle arch is ready to bring tidings of joy to your house! Mad..
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - Christian Ulbricht Santa with Presents
Christian Ulbricht's Santa smokerman is too cute for words. He is even more charming when you add th..
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - Santa on Sleigh Christian Ulbricht
$194 HEIGHT 28,00 cm / 11,00 inch PRODUCT WEIGHT 470,00 g / 16,60 oz. PRODUCT AND BOX WEIGH..
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - Christian Ulbricht Wood Collector
NEW for 2017! $100 Size: 7.1" tall Brand new to the Christian Ulbricht, this adorable smok..
Christian Ulbricht Mini Chimney Sweep Pig - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
$52 Size: 3.9" tall If you're looking for a little luck - look no further, nothing can be luc..
Christian Ulbricht Bavarian Man
$150 Size: 11.2" tall This darling Bavarian smoker is all ready for the up and coming Oktober..
Christian Ulbricht Smoker Snowman
$120 Size: 7.9" tall The beautifully bright snowman makes quite the unique addition to any sm..
Christian Ulbricht Nutcracker Maker - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
NEW $240 Size: 11" tall This charming smoker is sure to delight both young and old. Carefu..
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK Christian Ulbricht Santa Claus in Chimney
$74 Size: 6.5" tall Down the chimney he goes! This wonderful Santa makes a great addition to ..
Christian Ulbricht Bunny Girl with Easter Basket
$210 Size:  13" tall A delightfully unique smoker, this Easter bunny is sure to spark jo..
Christian Ulbricht Smoker Baker - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
$148 Size: 8 1/4" tall This adorable baker is ready to find his new home in your kitchen. Fin..
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