Dragon Treasure 0.75 L Beer Stein

  • Dragon Treasure 0.75 L Beer Stein
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12.5" tall 

0.75 liter

This limited edition stein is one of our absolute favorites!  The imposing green tinted dragons wrap around the magnificent stein in their own secret den as they take care of their treasure and nest. The true show stopper is the dragon on the lid - proudly perched on a rock this fully three dimensional top takes the cake. 


Impressive beer steins, also called krugs, are the hallmark of King beer steins of Germany and not just for use at Oktoberfest! Equally at home in a beer tent or simply in front of a roaring fire, these German masterpieces are just the right thing. Fill them with rich foaming true German lager or pilsner and go to town!

The colors on the steins are vibrant and true and the hand painted detail is striking. Whether as a gift for a loved one or as an addition to your own collection, these authentic German beer mugs are sure to please.

Rest assured you are getting top quality in each of the steins we offer.