Wolfgang Werner Toy Girl's Toy Box

  • Wolfgang Werner Toy Girl's Toy Box
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Wooden Music Box

"Geschenkbox Mädchen"
"Girl Box"
"Toy Box"
"Spielzeug Box"

"It's a Small World"

3.75 x 2.5" x 1.25" tall
9.5 x 5.5 x 3.5 cm tall

These magical music boxes come with a delightful surprise. Wind them up, open them up, and POP! a special character comes out while the music box plays its tune. A great gift for the young ones,
but holds an appeal for all ages.

Our selection of Surprise Boxes includes something for every season and special occasion so order now!

The Werner Brand

The Werner brand has always been a strong advocate among Seiffen toymakers in the discerning promoting and advancing of our priceless traditional heritage.

Handmade toys from the Erzgebirge mountains - a motto that symbolizes high-quality and delightfully charming craftsmanship. Werner Spielzeug figures have always been distinguished by high play value ever since the very beginning.

Ingenious mechanical functions set the figures in motion - they teeter and swing, dance and turn, climb and tumble. Sliding mechanisms reveal the hidden, music boxes ring out in accompaniment to animated scenes, and clever gearwheel systems bring every day events to life.

From the Erzgebirge workshops of Wolfgang, Werner and his sons, Christian, Wolfgang and Siegfried, come these darling hand created collectible works of art... otherwise known as wooden toys! No mass produced plastic or resin here. Have a look at our selection of the works of Wolfgang Werner from his Seiffen workshops. Enjoy the rich heritage of Erzgebirge
folk art.

Marvel at their intricate simplicity and charm. For children of all ages!

Seiffen Werner Wolfgang Spielzeug, Erzgebirge, Germany,
Deutschland, Miniaturen.