Bayrische Tanz Gruppe Standing Pewter Wilhelm Schweizer

  • Bayrische Tanz Gruppe Standing Pewter Wilhelm Schweizer
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"Bayrische Trachten Tanzpaare 3 Paare"

This is the complete set of three Bavarian dancing pairs!
Made by Wilhelm Schweizer in Diessen am Ammersee, they are each hand painted so the pieces you receive may vary in color from those pictured here.

Size of 1 piece:
2" x 2-3/4" tall.

The unparalleled Wilhelm Schweizer of Bayern hand painted pewter!
Known as Zinn in Germany, these pewter ornaments, whether standing or hanging pewter, are truly heirlooms in the making.
Hand made and hand painted by the talented artisans of Schweizer Pewter of Germany, they are made today precisely the same way they were made hundreds of years ago.
And in the same place!
In the little Bavarian village of Diessen am Ammersee.
The standing and hanging ornaments are hand painted on both sides. The window and wall hangings are painted on one side. Please note that since these are all hand painted, the same mold may appear different from the ones we show. That's the charm of Schweizer!
Begin your family tradition now, future generations will thank you.

Deutschland German Germany Bayern Bavaria Diessen Ammersee Pewter Zinn Ornament Artist Wilhelm Schweizer.