German Umbrella/Tote bag

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Motif Umbrella  "Dogs on Tour"
$64 The lively motif umbrella is printed with some dogs on tour. Dogs of different breeds sit cas..
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - Motif Umbrella  "Fox Hunt"
$ 64 Measures 34.5" Long A magnificent umbrella featuring a fox hunt, very similar to what you..
Motif Umbrella Francisco de Goya "The Letter" - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
$ 64 The umbrella bears a motiv created by the Spanish painter, Francisco de Goya. Original titl..
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - Motif Umbrella  Jack Vettriano  "Singing Butler"
$ 64 The umbrella shows a pair dancing to the singing butler. The motif is a homage to the 1930s..
Motif Umbrella "Puppies" - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
$ 64 Motif Umbrella "Puppies" Measures 34.5" Long This umbrella is absolutely adorable! I..
Motif Umbrella Black Cats
$64 Delicate, black cats fill the cream canopy in this motif umbrella, as are their paw prints.&n..
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - Kid's Umbrella  Wild Horses
$32 Measures 22" Long This wonderful umbrella is the perfect size for children! It featur..