NEW - Ginger Cottages Dr. Roscoe’s Voodoo Shack

  • NEW - Ginger Cottages Dr. Roscoe’s Voodoo Shack
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NEW - Halloween 2019

2.75" W x 3.5" H

Get ready for the new Ginger Boo! Halloween line. Featuring all the charming detail you've come to know and love from Ginger Cottages, this spooky line of ornaments is sure to delight all of your Halloween guests.

This voodoo shack is nothing short of spellbinding. Take a peek inside and find the shaman hard at work.

Ginger Cottages are made in the USA, in fact right here in Virginia. They are laser cut from wood and hand assembled for a one of kind piece. Full to the brim with creativity and detail, Ginger Cottages have created an ornament to suit all tastes. But our favorite thing about Ginger Cottages is that most of them feature a hidden scene! Just take a careful look and you'll find a small hole on the back or bottom of the piece. Pop in one of your Christmas tree lights and illuminate the special scene within!

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