Elf Academy Ginger Cottages - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

  • Elf Academy Ginger Cottages - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
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3" x 4.5" tall

Ginger Cottages have literally spent hundreds of
hours to cleverly design their cottages with lots
of secrets and details.

Each cottage has a small hole on its underside
designed to borrow a standard bulb from your tree.
Upon lighting the cottage in this manner, you'll
immediately discover the first secret of a little
scene inside each and every cottage.

But that's only the beginning...Throughout the
collection you'll find all sorts of other secrets
to delight and mystify in the joy and discovery of
all that is Christmas!

There are almost always shapes hidden in the stones
on walkways and foundation. The shapes will usually
relate to the theme or style of the cottage. Look
They're not always obvious.

History, pop culture, and whimsy have also found a
way into the mystery of our little cottages.

There's at least one ginger man on every cottage.
Sometimes there are more.

Sometimes the secrets are not easy to find, but
they're always fun!
Ginger Cottages are proudly made in the US!